MSC 1003 - Music in Civilization

ETR: Tuesdays and Thursdays 2:30-3:45 in Room 6-170
FTR: Tuesdays and Thursdays 4:10-5:25 in Room 6-170
UR: Thursdays 6:05 - 9:00 in Room 6-170

Class Documents Fall 2018

SYLLABUS (for Tues-Thurs classes at 2:30, 4:10)

Materials for Quiz One

Quiz One Study Guide

Medieval Playlist: YouTube / Spotify
Renaissance Playlist: YouTube / Spotify

Youtube Playlist for Phones (Medieval + Renaissance)

Class Notes, Session 1

(Why is Man Musical, Intro to Medieval Church)

Class Notes, Session 2

(Properties of Gregorian Chant, Textures, Hildegard of Bingen, Pérotin)

Class Notes, Session 3

(Secular Medieval Music, Medieval Instruments, Minstrels vs. Troubadours, Machaut's "Douce Dame Jolie")

Class Notes, Session 4

(Machaut's Notre Dame Mass, Intro to Renaissance, Josquin des Prez)

Class Notes, Session 5

(Renaissance Secular Music, Madrigals, Weelkes, Pavane and Galliard)

Online Unit: Palestrina and the Counter-Reformation

More Playlists

Here is the complete playlist for our Baroque unit.

YouTube Version
Spotify Version
Blogged Version for Phones (includes one video you can't get on youtube.)

Romantic Period Playlist: Youtube / Spotify / Youtube for Phones

Pro-tip: Turn on the closed-captioning in the Schubert video to get English subtitles.

Jazz playlist: Youtube / Spotify / Youtube for Phones
Modern Classical playlist: YouTube / Spotify / Youtube for Phones