MSC 1003 - Music in Civilization

Assignment 9: Zoom Meetup (or Email)

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Ever since we started I've been hoping to set up some zoom sessions where we can make contact and just say hi. It seems like it would make this seem a little more like a "real class" and lay the groundwork for some future zooms for extra help.

Welp, now's the time! In order to jumpstart this process and encourage participation I am going to make it an official assignment.

DON'T WORRY if you cannot make any of the scheduled zoom sessions or don't want to do it for some other reason. That's fine. Just email me and write out the info I'm looking for. (See the section where it says "what are we going to talk about" and answer those questions.)

Signing up for your zoom

I am assuming that everyone is pretty familiar with zoom these days. If you don't know how to use it yet, just email me and I'll try to walk you through it.

1) When you are ready, go back to the sign-up page and choose a session.

2) Return to that page around 10 minutes before the session is scheduled to begin. A link will appear that you can click on to join the session.

(I'll also send out an email before session time with the link.)

What are we going to talk about

I want to know two or three things.

Have you had any musical experiences in your past? (piano lessons, band, chorus, making beats and putting them on soundcloud, etc.?)

(Note: Musical experience is not necessary to do well in this class. I'm just curious.)

Also, what music do you like to listen to?

Finally, if you subscribe to a music service (like spotify or apple music) I would be interested to hear about that as well.

More details on the sessions

These will be pretty small groups with a maximum of 15 people. I'll schedule a handful at the beginning and keep adding more to the list as we go on. They will be at a variety of times, and you don't have to go to one that falls within your original class time - you can choose any time you want.

I plan on recording these sessions. I would encourage you to do the session with video on and to stick around until everyone takes their turn talking. It should be short!

Email really is fine, though

There are actually a lot of FERPA rules that I am breaking with this plan. We aren't allowed to make you put your camera on, and you aren't supposed to be recorded without your consent. (Also, you can arrange to appear in class sessions under a pseudonym if you don't want people knowing who you are.)

Also, I am aware that some CUNY students are not even on this continent these days, and would have trouble tuning in on regular New York time.

So ultimately, if there is any reason whatsoever that you do not want to do a session, just email me as a substitute. It's your right!

OK, I guess that's it.

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