MSC 1003 - Music in Civilization

Class 28Monday, May 17

Welcome to our final online class! I sincerely hope you've had some fun listening to all of the music this semester, that you've found some new things that you might continue to explore.

Hopefully by this time next year New York will be back to being a world-class music city, with concerts every night of the week. You can be a part of it, you can go anywhere and hear anything.

Final Deadline

Remember that Monday, May 24 at midnight is the final deadline for all work. For best results you want to complete all 59 web homeworks and the 4 special assignments. I'll take anything late (with minor point penalties.)


Right now (Mon, 5/17) I am still slowly going through all of the Special Assignment #3's, and then of course I have to do the SP4s. Maybe I'll start working on final grades by Friday. When I've reviewed your record and double-checked the math a big letter grade will appear at the top of your profile.

If you get an A- or B+

I have one more end-of-semester request for you guys - if your grade doesn't quite work out they way you hoped, please do not contact me about it and ask for special favors. I have an old page that goes into this in detail, but the bottom line is that (1) grades do not "round up" and (2) I can't offer you any special opportunities that I didn't offer the whole class.

Old-School Hip-Hop Double Feature

I've got a fun little diversion for today so that we can have our 28 contractually-obligated classes fair and square. I dug up two classic early-80s movies about hip-hop culture, Wild Style [1982] and Style Wars [1983]. Hope you like it!

Old Stuff

from class twenty-four:

Assignment #52: Bebop, Cool, and Hard Bop

This is due today!

from class twenty-five:

Assignment #53: Avant-Garde Jazz and Fusion
Special Assignment #4: Mystery Jazz Track

These are due on Mon, May 24.

from class twenty-six:

Assignment #54: Impressionism
Assignment #55: Intro to Modern
Assignment #56: Stravinsky
Assignment #57: Copland

These are due on Mon, May 24.

from class twenty-seven:

Assignment #58: Arnold Schoenberg
Assignment #59: Cage, Ligeti, Glass

These are due on Mon, May 24.

Have a great summer, you guys