MSC 1003 - Music in Civilization

Class 1Wednesday, August 26

Welcome to Music in Civilization! This is our main blog, where class materials and assignments will be posted. Our first day has four parts to it.

I. Make an account

In order to do homework and see your grades you will need to register an account.

II. Intro to Class

I've put together an intro to class page that tells you how this is all going to work.

III. Assignment One: Why is Man Musical?

First, please read the page on the origins and purpose of music.

Then, Exercise #1 asks you six questions about it.

This assignment is due on the day of Class 5 (Mon, Sept 14)

IV. Assignment Two: Intro to the Medieval Church

Watch or read my lecture on the Early Medieval Church.

Then Exercise #2 asks you nine questions.

This one is also due on the day of Class 5 (Mon, Sept 14)

That's it for today!

We'll do this every Monday and Wednesday. Be sure to email me if you have questions.