MSC 1003 - Music in Civilization

Class 11Monday, October 05

Today I have one new unit for you, on bass line "loops" in the Baroque.

Also, as I'll remind you below, it is time to do your special assignment, if you haven't already.

Our Documents Page

I finally got around to updating our documents page. This is always available in the DOCUMENTS tab at the top of the screen. It is supposed to be a table of contents for the whole class, listing all of the lecture pages that go with the exercises.

I think this will be another useful resource in dealing with your special assignment - you can quickly dive in to an old unit and see if you can find relevant ideas to apply to your piece!

Support Zooms

I've scheduled a handful of zoom sessions for Tuesday evening and Wednesday. You can sign up for them on our office hours page.

We could use these to talk about your special assignment or that darn meter assignment.

Homework #18: Loop-Based Compositions

This unit is laid out in three pages:

Part I: Pachelbel's Canon in D
Part II: J. S. Bach's Passacaglia in C minor
Part III: Dido's Lament from Dido and Aeneas

Then Assignment #18 asks you nine questions about all of it. This assignment was definitely designed to be done "open book."

This will be due on the day of Class 14 (Mon, Sept 19).

Reminder: Special Assignment #1

This is our first "intelligent" assignment where you need to think and write a little bit, so I would encourage you not to put it off to the last minute.

Special Assignment Number One will give you a mystery track that you have probably never heard before, and your job is to tell me something about it.

One resource that might be useful at this point is our playlists:

Medieval Unit: YouTube / Spotify / Apple Music
Renaissance Unit: YouTube / Spotify / Apple Music

Youtube Playlist for Phones (Medieval + Renaissance)

You can use these to browse through some of our more important pieces and compare them to your mystery track.

The special assignment is due on the day of Class 12 (Wed, Oct 7).

Old Stuff

from class seven:

Assignment #12: Josquin des Prez's Ave Maria gratia plena
Assignment #13: Palestrina and the Counter-Reformation
Assignment #14: Instrumental Music in the Renaissance

This is all due today!

from class eight:

Assignment #15: Madrigals
Special Assignment One

These are due on Wed, Oct 7.

from class nine:

Assignment #16: Intro to Baroque

This is due on the day of Class 13 (Wed, Oct 14).

from class ten:

Assignment #17: Meter (Round One)

Also due on the day of Class 13 (Wed, Oct 14).

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