MSC 1003 - Music in Civilization

Class 13Wednesday, March 17

Believe it or not, it's time for another wrap-up assignment! Unlike last time, we can't afford to rest on our laurels, so there are also two new units on top of that.

What's being assigned this week is actually due after Spring Break, so there is time to get some stuff done. :)

Special Assignment #2: Baroque Mystery Track

The Special Assignment #2 page will show you your mystery track and give you a big box to type your answer into.

There is a link to a detailed instructions page that tells you everything you need to know to get an A.

Perhaps the most important instruction is to not try this until you've completed your other Baroque-era homeworks (16-29). The mystery track might relate to a unit you haven't done yet.

I think the two resources you might use to develop your answer are our documents page and the playlists. Let me reproduce the playlist links here, for your convenience:

YouTube / Spotify / Apple Music

...and our documents page is like a table of contents for the whole class.

This is due on the Monday after Spring Break (Mon, April 5). After that I'll accept them late with a small grade penalty (5 or 10 points).

Assignment #30: Intro to the Classic Period

We are going to rush right into the next historical era. Please read and watch my online material about the Classical Period.

Then Assignment #30 asks you seven questions about it.

This is due on the day of Class 17 (Wed, April 7).

Assignment #31: The Violin Family

This assignment focuses of our modern violin family, the violin, viola, cello, and double bass. First, please watch and/or read our online lecture about bowed strings.

Then, Assignment #31 asks you ten questions, including some tricky listening questions. I strongly recommend headphones, earphones, or good speakers for this one.

This is due on the day of Class 17 (Wed, April 7).

Old Stuff

from class nine:

Assignment #20: The Invention of Opera
Assignment #21: Henry Purcell's Dido and Aeneas

These are due today.

from class ten:

Assignment #22: Antonio Vivaldi's Four Seasons
Assignment #23: Metric Perception + Conducting
Assignment #24: Meter Round II
Assignment #25: J. S. Bach's "Little" Fugue

These are due on Mon, March 22.

from class eleven:

Assignment #26: Triads and Chord Progressions
Assignment #27: J. S. Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier

These are due on Wed, March 24.

from class twelve:

Assignment #28: J. S. Bach's Cello Suite No. 3
Assignment #29: Religious Music in the Baroque

These are due on Mon, April 5.

That's it for now. Let's go outside.