MSC 1003 - Music in Civilization

Class 15Wednesday, March 24

Spring Break

There will be no classes posted in the coming week, because it is Spring Break. I hope you guys have some restful time off and get outside!

There is a bunch of stuff that is due the day we come back, on Monday April 5. That includes assignments 28 and 29, plus Special Assignment #2.

I'm going to schedule some office hours zooms on Friday, April 2 for people who need help with SP2. If this doesn't work for you, just email me and we can schedule something different or talk via email. I will basically be available all break, because I have no life.

Assignment #35: Don Giovanni

For this class there is only one assignment, but it's a big one! We'll look at Mozart's best opera, Don Giovanni. It's the last semi-complete opera we will cover, though we'll also do an opera highlights class for the Romantic period.

Be warned that this will take a lot of time if you do it properly. It's 62 minutes of video plus some reading.

Also I should give a trigger warning that the main character is what we would call a sexual predator, and the opera includes allusions to sexual assault.

First, please watch selected scenes from Mozart's Don Giovanni.

Remember that you can answer a few questions and then take a break - your answers will still be there when you come back later.

Also, I strongly recommend listening to this with a good audio setup (headphones, earphones, etc.) Opera just doesn't sound good on tiny speakers.

Assignment #35 will ask you five questions about the video. They are designed to make you watch carefully - you may even have to rewind and doublecheck what a character says or does.

This assignment is due on the day of Class 19 (Wednesday, April 14).

Old Stuff

from class eleven:

Assignment #26: Triads and Chord Progressions
Assignment #27: J. S. Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier

These are due today.

from class twelve:

Assignment #28: J. S. Bach's Cello Suite No. 3
Assignment #29: Religious Music in the Baroque

These are due on Mon, April 5.

from class thirteen:

Special Assignment #2: Baroque Mystery Track is due on Mon, April 5.


Assignment #30: Intro to the Classic Period, and
Assignment #31: The Violin Family

are due on Wed, April 7.

from class fourteen:

Assignment #32: Mozart and Haydn Biographies
Assignment #33: Dynamics, Tempo, and Articulation
Assignment #34: Minuet and Trio

These are due on Monday, April 12

Spring Breeeeak