MSC 1003 - Music in Civilization

Class 18Monday, April 12

OK, the only thing I've got going on for today is the new Special Assignment #3.

I'll do "big-group" zooms at 1:00 and 2:30 to talk through it and take questions. See your class-is-posted email for links to the sessions.

Special Assignment #3: Form Timeline

Special Assignment #3 asks you to listen to a movement from a Classic-Period piece and follow one of my form diagrams. You must create a timeline, indicating when each part begins in minutes and seconds. Also, I want you to describe the piece a little bit.

This one is a little more involved than the mystery tracks, so I'm going to make it 10% of our final grade.

Due date is in three weeks - Monday, May 3, but of course I would encourage you to try it waaay before then. It would be great if everybody could even prepare a first draft and get feedback before the due date - just email me when you are ready.

Old Stuff

from class fourteen:

Assignment #32: Mozart and Haydn Biographies
Assignment #33: Dynamics, Tempo, and Articulation
Assignment #34: Minuet and Trio

These are due today.

from class fifteen:

Assignment #35: Don Giovanni is due Wed, April 14.

from class sixteen:

Assignment #36: Sonata Form
Assignment #37: Early Beethoven

These are due on Mon, April 19

from class seventeen:

Assignment #38: Theme and Vars + Rondo
Assignment #39: Middle-Period Beethoven

The are due on Wed, April 21

Time is fleeting, you guys