MSC 1003 - Music in Civilization

Class 19Wednesday, November 04

All right, I've got two fairly hefty units for you. Assignment #34 introduces you to sonata form, which is the most complex and substantial kind of a movement in the Classic period.

Then Assignment #35 introduces you to the intense and moody world of young Beethoven.

Assignment #34: Sonata Form in Mozart's Eine kleine Nachtmusik

First, please watch our video lecture about sonata form.

Then, Assignment #34 asks you seven questions about it.

This assignment is due on the day of Class 23 (Wed, Nov 18).

Assignment #35: Early Beethoven

First, please read our online material about Beethoven's early period. We'll learn how he became the hot new musician in Vienna in the 1790's, and we'll explore two of his most famous piano sonatas in detail.

Assignment #35 asks you eight questions about it.

This one is also due on the day of Class 23 (Wed, Nov 18).

Old Stuff

from class fifteen:

Assignment #25: Bach "Little" Fugue
Assignment #26: The Well-Tempered Clavier

These are due today.

from class sixteen:

Assignment #27: Bach Cello Suite No. 3
Assignment #28: Intro to the Classic Period
Assignment #29: The Violin Family

These are due on Monday, Nov 9

from class seventeen:

Assignment #30: Haydn and Mozart Biographies
Assignment #31: Tempo, Dynamics, and Articulation
Assignment #32: The Minuet and Trio

These are due on Wednesday, Nov 11

from class eighteen:

Assignment #33: Don Giovanni - due Monday, Nov 16

The best thing about music is that it is ultimately of no consequence.