MSC 1003 - Music in Civilization

Class 20Monday, November 09

All right, it's a light class today. Our next special assignment and more are coming on Wednesday.

More housekeeping about the web site

Oy, running this thing gets complicated sometimes. I just realized that some of the recent recycled exercises were telling you that a check is worth 92 points on the final screen. However, that was last semester, when the class was still designed around in-person tests. This semester a check is worth 88 points.

Assignment #36: The Last Two Forms (Theme and Variations, Rondo)

First, please watch my online lecture about Theme and Variations and the Rondo form. It's 12 minutes of lecture and 16 minutes of music.

Then, Assignment #36 asks you eight questions, including my "scavenger hunt" questions that require careful listening.

This assignment is due on the day of Class 24 (Monday, Nov 23).

Old Stuff

from class sixteen:

Assignment #27: Bach Cello Suite No. 3
Assignment #28: Intro to the Classic Period
Assignment #29: The Violin Family

These are due today.

from class seventeen:

Assignment #30: Haydn and Mozart Biographies
Assignment #31: Tempo, Dynamics, and Articulation
Assignment #32: The Minuet and Trio

These are due on Wednesday, Nov 11

from class eighteen:

Assignment #33: Don Giovanni - due Monday, Nov 16

from class nineteen:

Assignment #34: Sonata Form and Mozart's Eine kleine
Assignment #35: Early Beethoven

These are due on Wednesday, Nov 18

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