MSC 1003 - Music in Civilization

Class 21Wednesday, November 11

I've got two things for you today. I have a fairly substantial unit on Beethoven, and we've got our next special project!

Support zooms for the Special Assignment

Since the special assignment can be a little difficult or confusing for some students, I've scheduled some support zooms. Click on the office hours tab to sign up.

Right now there are sessions scheduled for tomorrow (Thurs, Nov 12 at 2:00pm) and Monday (Nov 16 at 2:00pm and 4:00pm.) If none of these work for you, but you would like help, email me and we can do a custom appointment.

Virtual Baruch in Concert

Hey, remember this thing? They've released the online version of Baruch's biannual talent showcase. You could check out what your classmates are doing.

Log in to "blogs at baruch" with your standard username and password.

Assignment #37: Beethoven's Middle Period

All right, this is the crucial part of Beethoven's career, when he writes revolutionary new works. Check out our online lecture on Beethoven's middle period.

Then, Assignment #37 asks you nine questions.

This is due on the day of Class 25 (Mon, Nov 30).

Special Assignment #2: Form Timeline

Special Assignment #2 asks you to listen to a movement from a Classic-Period piece and follow one of my form diagrams. You must create a timeline, indicating when each part begins in minutes and seconds. Also, I want you to describe the piece a little bit.

This one is a little more involved than the mystery track, so I'm going to make it 10% of our final grade.

Due date is Wednesday, Dec 2, but of course I would encourage you to try it waaay before then.

Old Stuff

from class seventeen:

Assignment #30: Haydn and Mozart Biographies
Assignment #31: Tempo, Dynamics, and Articulation
Assignment #32: The Minuet and Trio

These are due today.

from class eighteen:

Assignment #33: Don Giovanni - due Monday, Nov 16

from class nineteen:

Assignment #34: Sonata Form and Mozart's Eine kleine
Assignment #35: Early Beethoven

These are due on Wednesday, Nov 18

from class twenty:

Assignment #36: Theme and Variations + Rondo - due Wed, Nov 18

Rain rain, go away