MSC 1003 - Music in Civilization

Class 4Wednesday, February 10

Calendar Alert: Monday, Feb 15 is Presidents' Day, so we will not have a posted class. The next class will appear on Wednesday, Feb 17

(Note that Feb 17 is also the first big due date, with SIX units due.)

Meetup Zooms

I still have some small-group zooms scheduled for today, if you want to do your Exercise #9 2-minute chat. Click on the exercise to sign up.


Don't forget that we have playlists that you can use to listen through all of our major pieces.

Medieval Unit: YouTube / Spotify / Apple Music
Renaissance Unit: YouTube / Spotify / Apple Music

Assignment #10: Machaut's Messe de Nostre Dame

First, read and watch my material on this historically important work.

Then, Assignment #10 asks you five questions about it.

This one is going to be due on the day of Class 7 (Wed, Feb 24).

Assignment #11: Intro to Renaissance

Our online intro to the Renaissance actually has two pages to it.

Part I: Intro to Renaissance
Part II: Sacred Music in the Renaissance

Assignment #11 asks you thirteen questions which cover both parts.

This one is also due on the day of Class 7 (Wed, Feb 24).

Assignment #12: Josquin des Prez's Ave Maria gratia plena

This is our first study piece from the Renaissance. Please watch my online lecture.

Then, Assignment #12 asks you eight questions about it.

This assignment is due on the day of Class 7 (Wed, Feb 24).

Old Stuff

from class one:

Assignment #1: Why is Man Musical?
Assignment #2: Intro to the Early Medieval Church

These are due on class 5 (Wed, Feb 17)

from class two:

Assignment #3: Properties of Gregorian Chant
Assignment #4: Texture
Assignment #5: Hildegard von Bingen
Assignment #6: PĂ©rotin's Viderunt omnes

These are ALSO due on Class 5 (Wed, Feb 17)

from class three:

Assignment #7: Medieval and Renaissance Instruments
Assignment #8: Minstrels and Troubadours
Assignment #9: Zoom Meetups or Emails

7-8 are due on Class 6 (Mon, Feb 22) and #9 is due on Class 8 (Mon, March 1)

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