MSC 1003 - Music in Civilization

Class 4Wednesday, September 09

Secular music

This class is all about secular music, which was intended for entertainment rather than religious worship.

Assignment #7 is really somewhat hefty - I'd say if you do it carefully it could take 30 minutes. Then Assignment #8 is more like the usual 10-15 minute thing we are used to.

Assignment #7: Medieval Instruments

First, please watch our online material on Medieval and Renaissance instruments.

Then, Exercise #7 asks you eighteen questions about all of it.

This assignment is due on the day of Class 7 (Mon, Sept 21).

Assignment #8: Minstrels vs. Troubadours

First, look at our online material about minstrels and troubadours.

Then, Exercise #8 asks you seven questions about it.

This one is also due on the day of Class 7 (Mon, Sept 21).

Old Stuff

Our first real due date is coming up. Time to get crackin', all ye procrastinators.

from class one:

Assignment #1: Why is Man Musical?
Assignment #2: Intro to the Medieval Church

from class two:

Assignment #3: Gregorian Chant as Music
Assignment #4: The Three Textures

All four of these are due on the day of Class 5 (Mon, Sept 14).

from class three:

Assignment #5: Hildegard of Bingen
Assignment #6: PĂ©rotin's Viderunt omnes

These two are due on the day of Class 6 (Wed, Sept 16).

Ok, that's it