MSC 1003 - Music in Civilization

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The End-of-Semester Page

OK, this page is going to try to run down everything you need to know for the end of the Spring 2020 semester.

It should apply to both my MSC1003 (Music in Civ) and MSC3003 (Music in the Classic Era) classes.

Final Date to Submit Work

The official last class date for Spring 2020 is Thursday, May 14. I will continue to accept work until May 21 at midnight.


If you have had a hard time finishing the material this semester, feel free to contact me and ask for an incomplete. I will let you finish assignments during the summer.

CUNY policy is that you can not have an incomplete unless you are at least 50% done with the work. For 1003 lets say that means 14 online homeworks and for 3003 it means 5 homeworks. We will not count the take-home midterm for 3003 or makeup test essays for 1003.

Note that giving you an incomplete is really the only "favor" I can do for you. CUNY is offering you other good deals that I will talk about below.

Asking me for an incomplete may disqualify you from getting CUNY's "credit/no credit" deal, so you should really only ask if you are confident that you will complete the work and improve your grade.

Aside from that, my job is to be kind of mean about this

On May 22 I have to look at the data and assign a grade. I certainly understand that it's been a rough semester and that some of you guys have extreme circumstances (including, possibly, illness and/or loss of friends and family members.)

Happily, CUNY is *not* being mean about this, and they are giving you two options to "fix" your grade if it is not what you were hoping for.

The No Credit Grade

If if turns out that you fail the class (with an F or a WU), you should apply to CUNY to convert that to a No Credit grade. Deadline is June 25. "No Credit" basically means that this class never happened - it doesn't hurt your GPA. (Unfortunately it *does* mean that you will probably have to take another class later to get your arts credit.)

The Credit Grade

If you pass the class but the grade is not up to your usual standards, you can apply to convert that to a Credit grade. This is an even better deal. You DO get credit for the class, so you won't have to take it again. But, the result won't affect your GPA. If you end up with a C or a D you should probably do this.

With either the Credit or No Credit options, you need to wait until I file your grade, then apply.

OK, hope this makes sense

Of course if you have more questions about the end of the semester you should feel free to contact me.

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