MSC 1003 - Music in Civilization

MT: Tuesdays 11:10 - 2:05 in Room 6-170
UR: Thursdays 6:05 - 9:00 in Room 6-170

Quiz One Youtube Playlist For Phones
Sometimes the youtube tracks on our playlists don't play on cellphones. I don't really understand why - they play fine if you are using our blog, but if you are trying to use the whole list on youtube it gives you a hard time. So here are all of our quiz one tracks in a bloggy format that you can click on.

Anonymous, Gregorian Chant: "Kyrie"

Hildegard of Bingen, "O Rubor Sanguinis"

Pérotin, "Viderunt Omnes"

Machaut, "Douce dame jolie"

Guillaume de Machaut: Messe de Nostre Dame -- I. Kyrie

Josquin Ave Maria

Palestrina's Pope Marcellus Mass: II. Gloria

Anonymous Pavane and Galliard

Weelkes, "As Vesta was from Latmos Hill Descending"