MSC 1003 - Music in Civilization

Scales, Part III: Making scales at home

This part is still under construction. I hope to have a handful of different resources that you could use to practice making major scales at home.

Keyboard reference page

I made a PDF you could use to figure out which note is which on a piano.

Our old scales worksheets

We used to fill out these worksheets in class, drawing scales on a diagram of a piano keyboard. If you have a printer of course they would be easy to do at home, or maybe you have an app that can draw on top of a PDF. Answer keys are included.

Scales Worksheet #1

Scales Worksheet #2

A web exercise

Of course I have a dream of an interactive web exercise where you could click on some piano keys and construct scales.

This page is close to what I'd do. It doesn't give you your starting note, though. You have to be able to figure out the names of the piano keys.

More to come

I owe you some piano keyboard apps for PC, android and iphone so you can play some sick scales.

Part I: Important Concepts
Part II: How to do it

Assignment #21

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