MSC 3003 - Music in the Classic Period

Tuesdays and Thursdays 2:30-3:45 in Room 4-190
Class 8Thursday, February 20

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(I'm trying to fill in our class notes so that you guys will have good material to study from. I figured I'd start with the most recent session.)

Reading Assignment #5

Please read Maynard Solomon, Mozart: A Life, pp. 285-300

Mozart and the Concerto

We started with the "Jenamy" concerto (still incorrectly called "Jeunehomme" most of the time), No. 9 in E-flat Major, K. 271

First movement was our example of an (almost) typical sonata-form movement with double exposition.

Second, slow movement is a very dramatic and sad passage in C minor.

The third movement is a somewhat bizarre sonata-rondo with a minuet inserted into the C section.

Concerto No. 23 in A Major, K. 488

This is from the later, Vienna years. Opening movement is a mellow and elegant sonata form.

For the middle movement I changed things up and showed some choreography by Antonin Preljocaj.

Then your final movement is another high-energy sonata-rondo.

Party Music

Finally, we shifted to a look at "light" music for parties.

Serenade No. 10 in B-flat major, K. 361 "Gran Partita"

I meant to play the pretty third-movement adagio...

...but I played the intro to the first movement instead. Oh well. Then I successfully played the seventh movement, a happy and anxiety-free rondo.