MUSC 220 - Fundamentals of Music Theory

Hayden Hall, Room 105.
Tuesdays 12:30-1:45, Wednesdays 1:00-1:50, Fridays 12:30-1:45
Class 39Friday, December 02

This is the day we did Theory Quiz #3. I haven't finished marking them but so far they look pretty good. Even the ones that aren't perfect give me something I can work with. :)

Here is the schedule for the singing quiz on Tuesday, 12/6.

HANDOUT: Stuff to prepare


OK, lemme copy-and-paste old stuff about extra credit etc.

Extra Credit Opportunity: Come to the Concert Dec 4

Sunday December 4th will see our campus ensembles (and half of our classmates) in performance, so as an incentive to attend I'll give you a little extra credit assignment.

First off is the Festival of Lessons and Carols which will happen in the chapel. Doors open at 3:30, preludes start at 4:00 (this is presumably the musical part) and then the program with readings starts at 4:30.

Then there will be a jazz band concert on the fifth floor of Kelly Commons, starting at 6:00.

So, your mission is to attend one or both of these events, and then write me a short paragraph about it. Try to find some aspect that strikes you as interesting. If you are performing, you can write an entry from that point of view.

Virtually anything you submit will be worth an extra point on your final grade.

Black Friday REDOS Sale

For the chord progression homeworks (15, 17 and 18) I am offering redo grades that go all the way up to a check plus, and you can redo checks, not just check minuses.

Also don't forget about our two four extra credit worksheets, worth one point each:

Extra Credit WS #1: Scales
Extra Credit WS #2: Circle of Fifths
Extra Credit WS #3: Triads
Extra Credit WS #4: Roman Numerals

Quiz Dates

Singing Quiz #2: Tuesday, Dec 6
Singing Quiz #2 Stuff to Prepare
Final Exam: Monday, Dec 12

Old Stuff

from class 34:

from class 37:

from class 38:

Alex has a new pick for Youtube of the Day

It's a cool performance. I cut most of the skit in the beginning, though.