MUSC 320 - Advanced Theory

Hayden Hall, Room 105, Tuesdays and Fridays 2:00-3:15
Class 24Friday, April 19

OK, in class we reviewed some of our atonal stuff and broke some new ground. We got into TnI (transposition and inversion) and Set-Types in Prime Form. I gave you the remaining pages for Chapter 15 in our textbook and we worked off of this handout.

This was also supposed to be our due date for paper first drafts but I'm still waiting on a lot of those.

Important Dates

The end of the semester is fast approaching! Woe to all ye who do not observe these significant dates.

Tuesday April 23. I would like to see Homework #13 on Tuesday. (see below for details).

Tuesday April 29. This will be our Quiz #2, on new scales and collections, the extended harmonies, and atonal theory.

Monday May 6. This is the due date for the final draft of the paper.

Homework #13: Analyzing Post-Tonal Chords

Worksheet #13 asks you to look at a few measures from David Lang's "Wed." Consult pp. 89-102 in our theory textbook for instructions on how to do interval vectors + set-types.

This one is due Tuesday, April 23.

Here is a recording of the piece for you to listen to:

David Lang, "Wed"

The "Rock Paper"

We have guidelines for the rock paper.

Chapter 10: Rock Harmony is now published in our Advanced Theory Anthology.

Remember that our one-page paper proposal was due Friday March 22. First draft was Friday, April 19 and the final deadline is Monday, May 6.

Everything is Chill, We Got This