It’s the beginning of a new year, and there are a few things I want to accomplish that can be tracked on a week-by-week basis.  Like most people, I want to work on my weight.  And each week I want to throw one thing away (or freecycle it.) So far, I haven’t really gotten started on either, but I intend to!

So when a friend emailed for advice on getting into Classical music, it inspired a new weekly project which seems eminently doable: select one piece of music each week and write a short blurb about it. Fill it out with youtube clips and shopping advice. I already do this for my students at The Brooklyn Conservatory and for other friends online, so it should be pretty easy.

I call this a “casual” blog because it’s not meant to be academic work or professional-quality music criticism. It is really here for my friends and for those who are interested. Sometimes I try hard to deliver a nice spiel on the music at hand, but sometimes I just want to post a clip, recommend a recording, and move on.

I always wanted to develop a list of 100 favorite classical pieces. They don’t have to “the top” 100 or even a canonic music-appreciation-type list, but just 100 pieces that I personally love and would recommend to anybody. Hopefully, we’ll get there!

Feel free to email me with comments or questions. And visit my theory site if you haven’t already!

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