MSC 1003 - Music in Civilization

Meeting in person on Mondays and Wednesdays at 4:10 and 5:50
All classes meet in Vertical Campus 6-170
Class 28Monday, May 16

This is the blog entry for our final "game" class, and it will be our end-of-class page as well. Big thanks to everybody who showed up on Monday ready to play!

Grading News

OK, grades are done and filed. Results were a little lower than in the pre-covid era, but I guess that makes sense. Returning back to in-person college was a challenging transition, and I hope it gets easier for you guys in time. If you are in the B-to-A-minus range you can at least be assured that you were in good company.

I decided to add 5 points to all quiz fours, because my hard bop question was too much of a surprise and too difficult. Only 36% of students remembered that hard bop incorporated popular styles of African-American music back into bebop. So if you got that one wrong, you get 5 points back, and if you got it right you get a bonus. Some people got a 105!

The Final Deadline - May 23

Of course our final deadline for all work has passed, and there are no opportunities for extra credit or anything like that. Once a grade is filed in cunyfirst it is pretty much set in stone. (That said, if you believe your grade is an error you should still talk to me about it.)

CUNY will never fire me

...because I just quiiiiiiit! I mentioned this in the last session, and some people expressed regret that I am leaving. Don't be sad! There are other faculty who teach this stuff with positivity and joy - tell your friends that I recommend Abby Anderton and Stephen Spencer in particular.

The main reason I must move on is that for an adjunct like me there are limited opportunities to teach a variety of classes and develop professional skills. I have taught over 40 sections of this class but in that time I've only been able to teach something different once. Next year I will concentrate on my new gig at Manhattan College, a private school up in the Bronx, where I'm doing music theory classes (i.e. my actual discipline that I got the Ph.D. for.)

Also, there is just a general lack of dignity in being an adjunct at CUNY. The class size is huge, pay is meager, and everyone talks down to you all the time. So, try to figure out if your professors are "real" full-timers or adjuncts - if it's the latter, be an extra-good student.

For a while I fantasized about ending this blog with an obnoxious pop-punk tune about quitting, but that's not really appropriate for you guys. Baruch students are great, and you should NOT quit listening to music and learning new things. This is one of the major music capitals of the world and you should be psyched to explore it for the rest of your lives.

So instead let's listen to this guy play some Bach on his home piano. 🙂