MSC 1003 - Music in Civilization

Sections meet in-person on Wednesdays (or on zoom, if necessary)
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Class 12Wednesday, November 24

Wednesday In-Person Class is on!

It's kind of a weird day to have class (i.e. the day before Thanksgiving) but we'll do it anyway. One of the reasons is that I really like teaching these jazz classes and I'd be sad if it was all consigned to online. Come listen to some fun music.

Assignment #50: Roots of African-American Music

With this unit we are diving deep into some of the origins of American music. Please read my online lecture on African influences in Early African-American music.

Then Assignment #50 has eleven questions for you.

This assignment will be due before Class 13 (Wed, Dec 1).

Assignment #51: New Orleans-Style Jazz and the Swing Era

We did this one together in class on Nov 25.

The online material for this assignment comes in two parts:

Part I: New Orleans-Style Jazz (1900-1930)
Part II: The Swing Era (1930s and 40s)

Assignment #51 asks you thirteen questions about all of this stuff.

This one is also due before Class 13 (Wed Dec 1).

Assignment #52: Bebop, Cool Jazz and Hard Bop

First, please read our online coverage of these jazz movements from the mid-1940s onwards. It is in two parts:

Part I: Bebop (mid-40s and 50s)
Part II: Cool Jazz and Hard Bop (50s and 60s)

Then, Assignment #52 asks you thirteen questions.

This one is also due before Class 13 (Wed, Dec 1).

More Jazz Resources

We've got playlists that cover the most important tracks from the Jazz units:

YouTube / Spotify / Apple Music

And I made you a special page about the history of jazz singers.

Old Stuff

From week eleven:

Special Assignment #3: Timeline
Asst #45: Robert Schumann's Carnaval
Asst #46: Mendelssohn's Midsummer Night's Dream
Asst #47: Chopin and Liszt
Asst #48: Pictures at an Exhibition

...all due today, Nov 24

and Asst #49: Romantic Opera is due next week

Happy Thanksgiving, Everybody