MSC 1003 - Music in Civilization

Class 27Wednesday, May 12

Welcome to the final two units of the semester! In this class we'll explore the wilder, "avant-garde" side of 20th-century Classical-type music.

Assignment #58: Arnold Schoenberg's Atonal Universe

First, read our discussion of Arnold Schoenberg's radical approach to music.

Then, Assignment #58 asks you four questions.

This is due on the day of Mon, May 24. The website calls this "Class 29" but it is just the final deadline for all assignments.

Assignment #59: Cage, Ligeti, and Glass

First, read about three more trends in recent Classical music.

Then, Assignment #59 asks you five questions.

This one is also due on the mythical "Class 29", Monday May 24.

Old Stuff

from class twenty-three:

Assignment #50: Roots of African-American Music
Assignment #51: New-Orleans Style Jazz and the Swing Era

These are due today.

from class twenty-four:

Assignment #52: Bebop, Cool, and Hard Bop

This is due on Mon, May 17.

from class twenty-five:

Assignment #53: Avant-Garde Jazz and Fusion
Special Assignment #4: Mystery Jazz Track

These are due on Mon, May 24.

from class twenty-six:

Assignment #54: Impressionism
Assignment #55: Intro to Modern
Assignment #56: Stravinsky
Assignment #57: Copland

These are due on Mon, May 24.

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