MSC 1003 - Music in Civilization

Sections meet in-person on Wednesdays (or on zoom, if necessary)
12:50-2:05 is in Vertical Campus Room 6-170
2:30-3:45 is currently zoom only 🙁
4:10-5:25 is in VC Room 12-150
Class 3Wednesday, September 22

Welcome to Week Three

After two weeks off (due to Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur) we are back in business. Let's talk about our Wednesday sessions. As usual, things are complicated:

The 12:50 Section (DMWA) will meet in person, in room 6-170. Remember that we will be masking up, and if you are not fully vaccinated you need to have a recent test in the Cleared4Cuny system.

The 2:30 Section (EMWA) is not cleared to meet, unfortunately. Instead we will zoom. If you are logged in the zoom link will appear at the top of this page.

The 4:10 Section (FMWA) will meet in person, and we've been assigned a weird new room on the 12th floor, VC 12-150.

People from 12:50 + 4:10 can join the 2:30 zoom, if they want to. However, people from 2:30 cannot join the in-person sessions. Sorry, 2:30 people. I agree this is super unfair.

As always, these sessions are optional, and you can stay home and do the units on this website if you prefer. In class we will do Units 12 and 15 together, and we'll talk about the test-like "special assignment."

Assignment #12: Josquin des Prez's Ave Maria gratia plena

We'll probably do this one together in class on Sept 22, so you might want to wait until then...

This is our first study piece from the Renaissance. Please watch my online lecture.

Then, Assignment #12 asks you eight questions about it.

This assignment is due before Class 4 (Wed, Sept 29).

Assignment #13: Palestrina and the Counter-Reformation

Here we will look at the Late Renaissance and some of the major trends there. Please read our coverage of Palestrina and the Counter-Reformation.

Assignment #13 asks you six questions.

This one is also due before Class 4 (Wed, Sept 29).

Assignment #14: Instrumental Music in the Renaissance

Please read and watch our online coverage of instrumental music in the Renaissance.

Then Assignment #14 asks you six questions.

This one is also due before Class 4 (Wed, Sept 29).

Assignment #15: Madrigals

This one is also earmarked for in-class participation on Sept 22, so you could wait until then...

This is the last unit in the Renaissance! First, watch our online lecture about madrigals.

Then, Assignment #15 asks you seven questions.

This assignment is also due before Class 4 (Wed, Sept 29).

Special Assignment #1: Medieval and Renaissance Mystery Track

The Special Assignment #1 page will show you your mystery track and give you a big box to type your answer into.

There is a link to a detailed instructions page that tells you everything you need to know to get an A.

I think the two resources you might use to develop your answer are our documents page and the playlists. Let me reproduce the playlist links here, for your convenience:

Medieval: YouTube / Spotify / Apple Music
Renaissance: YouTube / Spotify / Apple Music

...and our documents page is like a table of contents for the whole class.

This is due on the day of Class 5 (Wed, Oct 6). After that I'll accept them late with a small grade penalty (5 or 10 points).

Old Stuff

So now we have a lot of assignments loaded up for both Sept 22 and Sept 29.

From week one:

Asst #1: Survey
Asst #2: Why is Man Musical?
Asst #3: Intro to Medieval Church
Asst #4: Gregorian Chant as Music

(Nos. 1-4 are all due before class on Sept 22.)

Asst #5: Texture is due Sept 29.

From week two:

Asst #6: Hildegard of Bingen, due Sept 22
Asst #7: Perotin, due Sept 22
Asst #8: Medieval Instruments, due Sept 22
Asst #9: Minstrels and Troubaours, due Sept 22
Asst #10: Machaut's Notre Dame Mass, due Sept 29
Asst #11: Intro to Renaissance, due Sept 29

OK, that's it for now