MSC 1003 - Music in Civilization

Sections meet in-person on Wednesdays (or on zoom, if necessary)
All classes currently meet in Vertical Campus 6-170 👍
Class 5Wednesday, October 06

Welcome to Week Five!

OK, time marches on and so do we. We are planning to meet again in person on Wednesday with all three sections. No zooms. The rooms are up at the top of this page (in the banner) in case you forget.

This week's class should be pretty fun. We'll tackle the somewhat mysterious and intuitive world of duple and triple meter, and we'll watch about a half hour of opera. The opera in particular should be more vivid and immersive in class than at home on your laptop. :)

People who attend will get credit for Exercise #21: Dido and Aeneas.

Assignment #20: Meter (Round One)

(This is a repost from last week. Unfortunately I can't give you in-class credit for this one because you all have to grapple with the music one on one.)

For some people this topic is a little maddening. I've got two explanatory pages for you:

Part One: The basic concept
Part Two: How do you figure this out

...and we have two practice exercises that you can do over and over again:

Practice Exercise: Meter (Baroque version)
Practice Exercise: Meter (rock version)

When you feel like you are ready, Assignment #20 will ask you to identify the meter in six tracks. I'll give you a check plus if you can get more than half of them right, and a check just for playing.

Assignment #20 is due next week, before Class 6 (Wed, Oct 13).

Assignment #21: Dido and Aeneas

We did this one together in class on Wednesday, Oct 6

OK, please check out our shortened version of Dido and Aeneas.

Then, Assignment #21 asks you five questions about it.

This is due before Class 6 (Wed, Oct 13).

Assignment #22: Vivaldi's Four Seasons

First, please read our online unit about The Four Seasons.

Then, Assignment #22 asks you five questions about it.

This one is also due before Class 6 (Wed, Oct 13).

Assignment #23: J. S. Bach's "Little" Fugue

First, please read and watch our online lecture on Bach's Little Fugue.

Then, Assignment #23 asks you four questions.

This assignment is also due before Class 6 (Wed, Oct 13).

Assignment #24: Triads and Chord Progressions

First, please watch my online lecture on triads. It is eight minutes long.

Then, Exercise #24 asks you seven questions.

This is yet one more assignment that is due before class on Oct 13.

Old Stuff

From week four:

Asst #16: Intro to Baroque, due today
Asst #17: Scales, due today
Asst #18: Loop-Based Compositions, due today
Asst #19: The Invention of Opera, due today

Asst #20: Meter (Round I), due next week

Saxophone Time