MSC 1003 - Music in Civilization

Sections meet in-person on Wednesdays (or on zoom, if necessary)
12:50-2:05 is in Vertical Campus Room 6-170
2:30-3:45 is currently zoom only 🙁
4:10-5:25 is in VC Room 12-150

Medieval and Renaissance Instruments

In this unit we'll learn a lot about the world of musical instruments. We'll organize every possible thing we can think of into abstract categories, and then we'll talk about some common instruments in the Medieval and Renaissance eras.

This unit is all video! I've broken it up into five different chapters, as you'll see below. Exercise #8 will ask you eighteen questions about all of it. As always the questions will open in a separate tab, and you probably want to keep track of them while you watch.

I. The Instrumental World

II. Medieval Woodwinds

III. Brass

IV. Strings

V. Percussion, Keyboards, Conclusion

There are, of course, many more Medieval instruments that I didn't talk about here. These are just a handful that you are likely to see if you go to an "early music" concert.

If you like the idea of weird, old instruments, you should visit the musical instruments wing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. They would have all of this stuff, and more.

Exercise #8

OK, Exercise #8 is kind of a beast, with 18 different questions about all of these videos. As always the link will open in a separate tab so you can flip back and forth between questions and these videos.

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