MUSC 220 - Fundamentals of Music Theory

Hayden Hall, Room 105.
Tuesdays 12:30-1:45, Wednesdays 1:00-1:50, Fridays 12:30-1:45
Class 1Wednesday, January 18

Welcome to Music Theory Fundamentals. This website will be the place where we keep track of everything that is going on in class! We'll store copies of all of our worksheets and handouts, track detailed grade information, and even submit a little work online.

At the beginning of the semester I've got four things you can do.

Get Registered

The first thing to do is to make an account on this website. Make sure you write down your username and password, because you will probably forget it later!

Homework #1: Student Survey

Our first homework assignment is done right here on the website, and it couldn't be simpler. Just fill out a few screens of information about what kinds of musical experience you've had, what you like, and how you listen to music. It'll just take a minute or two.

Like all of our homework, this has a due date and an expiration date. If you submit it by the due date (usually a week after it is assigned, though here it is pushed back to Tues Jan 31) you are eligible for a "check plus" (100 points). After that, you can still do it late for a check (92 points). However, it eventually expires, usually four weeks after the due date (in this case Feb 28), and after that you can't do it.

Read the Syllabus

It is wise to take some time to carefully read through all of your class syllabi at the beginning of the semester. The syllabus is like a contract between you and your professor, so you really need to know what's in it! I'll try to cover everything in our first class session, but there are bound to be some details that I don't get to. :/

Homework #2: Rhythms in 4/4

Finally, I'll give out our first paper worksheet on either Wednesday or Friday. This one will be due on Fri, Jan 27.

To get started, take a look at pp. 6-11 in our theory anthology.

Get Ready for a Productive Semester