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This program is actually a spin-off from my post-tonal ear-training suite. The original ("dyads") has been retooled to be more friendly to students of tonal theory.

There are lots of free interval drillers out there that you can find by Googling around. I think this one has a few features which make it desirable:

- rapid-fire drilling with keyboard input
- analysis of errors
- complete control over stimuli (including "compound intervals")
- high scores list

Installation Instructions:

Download [552K]

Upzip all of the files to a single directory. Click on intblaster.exe to start. You should even be able to do this on a lab computer, friends computer etc. without screwing anything up -- just delete the whole directory when you are done!

This version was posted 3/19/2005. As always, feel free to email me with comments, questions, or suggestions.