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This is a fairly easy and convenient way for you to practice your dictation away from the classroom. A main page gives the basic setup for each passage (clef, time signature, key signature, starting note, starting rhythmic value), a link to a sound file, and links to the answer.

Also, you might try David Loberg Code's dictation page at Western MI University. And don't forget about Singing Cells, my new "Call-and-Response Machine" for PC.


Unit I: Rhythm Review

Presents short rhythmic phrases in 2/4, 3/4, and 4/4, using mostly quarter-notes and eighth-notes.

Unit II: Beginners' Melodies

Mostly stepwise figures with extremely simple rhythms.

Unit III: Tonic-based melodies

Melodies that emphasize the tonic triad in major keys.

Unit IV: 6/8 and 12/8

8 rhythmic dictations in compound meters.

Unit V: Melodies with some V

Major and minor keys.


Unit VI: Major melodies with some IV

Fairly simple melodies with movement into the IV chord.

Unit VII: Melodies with Wicked V7 Action

These melodies include some arpeggiation of V7. Major keys.

Unit VIII: Minor Melodies

5 melodies, including one 6/8.

Unit IX: Rhythms with 16th Notes

Some short, non-syncopated rhythmic passages.

Unit X: 2-part "Counterpoint Style"

2-part passages in which the melody and bass line have mostly equal rhythmic values.

Unit IX: 2-part active melody + simple bass line

Updated for finals Spring '05