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Getting Started Unit #6: Rhythms in 4/4
We've now considered pretty much everything we need to know about pitch, so it's time to worry about rhythm. Printout #4 tells you about the most common note values you are going to encounter (quarter notes, half notes, et cetera), how to count things out in 4/4 time, and more.

Once you've digested that you probably want to try practicing the first two units in our rhythm anthology.

Also you can try a worksheet on counting and check your work with an answer key.

Apps and Programs

In general it seems that apps designed for rhythmic practice are a little more difficult to design than the note-reading quizzers we've already seen. These are all a little crude and weird but they may be worth trying.

PC / Mac

Robert Whelan has a rhythm driller at As always this will work with any java-enabled browser.

iPhone / iPad

Rhythm Sight Reading Trainer ($3) is the best thing I've found. The interface takes a few minutes to get used to, though.

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