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Here are some resources I created for Freshman Ear Training and some documentation of my little tricks.
Here's a simple way for you to get extra practice in dictation online. First, a setup page shows you the clef, meter, and first note of a short passage. You have clickable links to hear the clip as many times as you want. Copy down what you hear on your own music paper at home. Once you are confident of your answer, click a link to see it on the screen.
(Also known as the "Sight-singing Super Bonanza.") I've found that the melodies in sight-singing textbooks tend to become too long-winded and complicated to be useful for actual in-class sight-reading. These are short and usually pretty easy, allowing you to pick up the pace and hear lots of people in a short period of time.
Same philosophy for rhythms. A bountiful supply of short, easy passages for students with the weakest rhythm (i.e. voice majors.)
This is an alternate homework assignment that I used for first-semester students who couldn't hold a sense of key. If they practice this seriously they should have no problem catching up.