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I've begun to update and reoganize my theory materials in the "archives," which will eventually walk a reader through a step-by-step program of study. Here are a few documents that have not yet found a home.
This packet is heavily indebted to George Fisher, for whom I worked at NYU.
Covers the basics of the 4-voice texture - spacing, doubling, SATB vs. keyboard-style notation, and the I-V-I progression. My definitions for spacing and doubling are somewhat idiosyncratic, but not incompatible with traditional terms. I've found that starting students off my way (with all close spacing, "normal" doubling, and keyboard style) eliminates a lot of the crappy results and gives you something solid to build on.
Yep, I do the "getting started" thing first, and then I start listing off the rules. I think a few common rules (like the "frustrated leading tone") can be withheld until the second semester.