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Basic Elements Unit #1: Major Scales
The first element of theory we've got to learn is the intervallic shape of the major scale. Our goal for this lesson is to be able to carefully build it up, step-by-step, following the "WWHWWWH" pattern. Don't worry, Printout #1: Major Scales explains it all.

I've also got a worksheet which you can use to practice, and if you are hungry for more I've got a bonus worksheet as well.

Extra Practice for PC or Mac
I strongly recommend that you check out, which offers a bunch of free quizzers that will work in any java-enabled browser. Here's the app for scales on treble clef and bass clef. You'll have to tweak the settings at first - make sure you scroll down and turn off everything but major scales!

Also, if you have a Windows PC you could try my rudiments quizzer which will drill your scales etc. in a text-based format.

Extra Practice for iPhone/iPad
Musicopolous ($5) is a nice app that packs in tutorials and quizzes on a whole range of theory topics, including your major scales.