MUSC 220 - Fundamentals of Music Theory

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Class 31Wednesday, November 09

Homework #16: Self-paced practice report #3

All right, let's do this! Another 30-minute practice session that you write up afterwards. Here are the original instructions, and if you want to file your report here on the site I've got web portal #3 that you can use.

If you owe me one or two old ones, you can file in portal #3 and I can move it over to a previous slot. (Or you can hunt through the blog and find the old links.) And of course I continue to accept email and paper submissions too.

Repost: All Homework Up to #10 Due on Friday

In the class syllabus it says that I accept late homework "up to a month after the due date," and up to now I've kind of been deemphasizing that part of the rules. But, we've gotten pretty far into the semester and the end is in sight, so it's time to catch up on super-old stuff. After all, putting off routine homework until December is a waste of my time and yours.

This includes the self-paced practice reports one and two. If you are going to file some this week it makes sense to count them as the old ones, so you can get a "check" and not a zero. If you file anything through the web I can easily move your entries around from assignment to assignment, and don't forget that I accept email and paper submissions as well.

Deadline is Friday 11/11 at the beginning of class.

Old Stuff

from class twenty-nine:

from class thirty:

Worksheet #14: I-V-I et al due Friday, 11/18.

Bassoon Break