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Getting Started Unit #2: "Level Up!" for Treble Clef
While it's pretty easy to understand how treble clef works, it takes practice to be able to read it quickly and effortlessly. I like a method pioneered by a French musician named George Dandelot - his Manuel pratique pour l'étude des clés asks you to practice recognizing a handful of notes at a time, and slowly builds upon that pool until you are reading everything in a random ordering.

It's a perfectly good book that you could buy on Amazon for about $15. But I've made my own free imitation version called Level Up! which should be just as useful. (You can also download only the pages that deal with treble clef if you like.)

So take a look and see if this method makes sense. I've also prepared a worksheet which follows the same pattern and an answer key for you to check your work.

Next up is bass clef!

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