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Getting Started Unit #3: Bass Clef
Even if you play a treble-clef instrument, you will want to learn bass clef as well. Being able to read both is necessary for serious study of music.

Our printout on reading the staves covers the bass clef on page 4.

And we've got plenty of bass clef material in our Level Up exercise packet. (If you'd like you can download only the pages for bass clef.)

As with treble clef I've made a worksheet that can help you get started with the level up technique, and an answer key to check your work.

Finally, I'd recommend that you use a computer program or smartphone app for extra practice. Here are a few that I recommend:

Mac / PC

Robert Whelan has a nice bass clef quizzer which will work through any java-enabled browser. Again, I recommend you go into the settings and turn off most of the notes, to start with a small set and build from there.

iPhone / iPad

Tenuto ($4) and Music Tutor (free).


Sight Read Music and Note Trainer. The latter requires familiarity with the piano keyboard.

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