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My Post-Tonal Ear Training Suite is a collection of small programs inspired by Michael Friedmann's excellent Ear Training for Twentieth-Century Music (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1990). It's been a while since I updated it, but I do have plans to expand and improve. To that end I've developed two spin-off programs:

Interval Blaster

This is a rapid-fire drill to recognize intervals, both melodically and harmonically. This spin-off is basically the same as the Suite's "Dyads," only retooled for students of tonal theory.

Trichords and Tetrachords

ID trichords and tetrachords by set-type. This is an expanded version of the Suite's "Trichord 4," now including tetrachords and a student-teacher reporting system.

Soon, I hope to have all of the components available in stand-alone versions as well as the updated, integrated suite.


Post-Tonal Ear Training Suite

Download (4.6 MB)

Technical requirements: Takes 4MB disk space. Requires soundcard. MIDI port optional. Should work with Windows 95 through Windows XP.

Some familarity with the concepts of post-tonal or "set" theory is required. Check out this basic bibliography for more info.

Right now the suite features six different programs.

Drone Sing

The computer plays a referential drone for pitch-class zero and cues you to sing various intervals against it.

Dyad Identification

A rapid-fire ear-training drill on your mod 12 intervals, pitch intervals, and interval classes.

Trichord 1

Identify the pitch-intervals within random trichords.

Trichord 2

Classify trichords into three simple "families."

Trichord 3

Distinguish between different pitch-space realizations of a given trichordal set-type.

Trichord 4

Identify trichords by set-type.