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Download rudiments2.exe (647K).

rudimentsshot (18K)

The spelling quizzer is a very simple, text-based program that should run on any PC. Just download the file to your desktop and double-click on it.

Right now the program quizzes scales, intervals, triads, seventh-chords, diatonic triads, and diatonic seventh-chords.

Though the text interface may initially appear very crude and "unmusical," I think this program has a few strengths.

-- Text-based quizzing can go much faster than a point-and-click interface (for those who can type, anyway.)
-- The material is broken into manageable units, and I've tried to avoid annoying, useless elements like diminished octaves.
-- The "Torturematic Quizzing Algorithm" repeatedly comes back to missed problems.

Sept '08: I was getting reports that the old interface wasn't working with Windows Vista. This new one (version 2.3) should be fine.

Have fun, happy studying!