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Download rudiments2.exe (647K).

rudimentsshot (18K)

The spelling quizzer is a very simple, text-based program that should run on any PC. Just download the file to your desktop and double-click on it.

Right now the program quizzes scales, intervals, triads, seventh-chords, diatonic triads, and diatonic seventh-chords.

Though the text interface may initially appear very crude and "unmusical," I think this program has a few strengths.

-- Text-based quizzing can go much faster than a point-and-click interface (for those who can type, anyway.)
-- The material is broken into manageable units, and I've tried to avoid annoying, useless elements like diminished octaves.
-- The "Torturematic Quizzing Algorithm" repeatedly comes back to missed problems.

June 2020: This program was last updated in 2008, when Windows Vista was the state of the art. These days windows labels it as potentially hazardous and doesn't want to let you run it. However, you can still run it by clicking "more info" and then "run anyway." It's not a virus, I promise!

Have fun, happy studying!