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Download (487K). (More installation details below.)

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Trichords and Tetrachords is an update of my trichordal set-class quizzer from the Post-Tonal Ear-Training Suite. You are presented with chords, melodic figures, or mixed collections of tones and intervals, and are asked to ID each sound by set-type. Filters allow you to limit the pool of stimuli and thereby carefully expand your knowledge one set at a time, and an error report helps you diagnose particular problem sets. A logging mechanism even allows you to send your prof a record of your work if he or she is so inclined. (Instructors: email me for a copy of the report reader.)

I've finally managed to update from a slightly incomplete version to one with full error reporting and a few other fixes. Apologies to anyone who was waiting! Some features (namely the logging mechanism and the three "ranges" of stimuli) were commissioned by the Music Department at Texas Tech University.

Installation Instructions simply contains the main executable and a few other necessary data files and .dlls. Unzip everything into its own directory (say, "C:/Program Files/Trichords and Tetrachords/"), and click on the .exe file to begin. You may want to create a "shortcut" (by right-clicking on the .exe) and drag it into your start menu.

Since this program doesn't alter any system settings, it should be safe to temporarily use on a lab computer, friends PC, etc. Just unzip it to a directory on the desktop, and delete it when you are done!